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    About us - Espacio Home Design


    Catering And Manpower

    AFGI in conjunction with our affiliated partners have provided full Dinning Facility’s (DFAC) solutions since 2003 in Multiple Regions, in support of Construction Projects, Civilian Workforces, USG and Coalition Troops. We provide complete operational management services including skilled DFAC Personnel for client requirements.


    Camp Infrastructure

    Services include: Planning, management, coordination and execution of government-owned, leased, contracted, unaccompanied personnel housing to include private family housing.


    AFGI provides:

    • Supply Chain Operations
    • Personnel and Freight Transportation
    • Military/Civilian Equipment Maintenance
    • On & Off Site-Laundry/Dry-Cleaning Services
    • Freight and Personal Property Shipment Services
    • Commercial Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Short/Long term Leasing

    Facilities Operations

    Complete Facility Operations to include:

    • Pest control
    • Garbage collection
    • Engineering services
    • Building and facilities construction & maintenance services
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Pavement clearing
    • Fire prevention/protection & emergency services
    • Potable/Non-Potable, Grey and Black Water Services
    • Ground Water Removal Services

     Espacio Home Design

    On & Off-post Housing Services

    Since 2019 AFGI provides 24/7 Off-Post Housing Administrative Services for 280+ apartments for ASG-KU and other tenants from the DOD/DOA civilians who support operations throughout the Kuwait Theater. OPH Services include:

    • Checking tenants in and out of transient quarters and apartments
    • Temporary Lodging accommodation
    • Inventory tracking services
    • Cleaning services
    • Apartment maintenance and repair monitoring
    • Key control
    • Pest control
    • AFN installation to include maintenance service