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    About us - Espacio Home Design


    With 20+ years experience in Engineering and Construction, AFGI has a dedicated team to execute various Design-Build Projects

    We take immense pride in our Engineering and Construction Division, a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering precision, innovation, and quality. With an unwavering focus on transforming ambitious concepts into remarkable realities, we’ve cultivated a reputation as a trusted partner in crafting sophisticated infrastructure solutions across diverse industries.

    Our Comprehensive Approach:

    Our Engineering and Construction Division offers an integrated, end-to-end solution that covers everything from the initial conceptualization and design phases to the final construction and maintenance stages. We provide a wide array of services, demonstrating our dedication to excellence in every aspect of the built environment.

    Design-Build Expertise:

    Our design-build approach allows us to seamlessly blend design and construction, optimizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions. We specialize in creating functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing structures, carefully considering both form and function. Our design-build projects include:

    Design and Specialized Services
    • Relocatable Buildings (RLB’s)
    • Containerized Housing Units (CHU’s)
    • Armored Containerized Units (ACHU’s)
    • Large Area Maintenance Structures (LAMS)
    • Fabric Structures
    • Tent Interiors
    • Fabric Covers
    • Car Parking Shade
    • Overhead Crane
    Electrical Grid Expansion
    • Power Stations / Generators
    • Sub-Stations
    • Medium & High Voltage
    • Unit Distribution Substations (UDS)
    • Switch Gears
    • Ring Main Units (RMU)
    • Low, Medium & High Voltage Electrical Cables
    • Step Up/Down Transformers
    • Frequency Converters
    • Distribution Panels Boards
    • Transfer Switches (ATS & MTS)
    • Building Maintenance System (BMS)
    Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB’s)
    • Warehouses
    • Maintenance Facilities
    • Dining Facility Structures
    • Hangars
    • Sunshades

    Modular & PEB Structures Full Turnkey Solutions

    AFGI provides a wide range of mobile Modular and Pre-Engineered buildings which can be designed to meet specific client requirements, directly installed for immediate utilization within life supports areas, recreational centers,
    community resource facilities, and offices.

    • Manufacturing
    • Site Assembly & Erection
    • Civil Works
    • Civil Ground & Concrete Foundation Works
    • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Work’s

    On having performed task orders for US Government, Coalition, and Prime Defense Contractors locally and Iraq wide to our customers satisfaction, we have suc­cessfully completed and handed over past projects to include:

    • Full LSA setups with all utilities and amenities which included designing, fabricating and installations.
    • Armored Units (ACHUs) at the Check point and access points (ECPs)
    • Administration Business Centers and Mobile Site Offices
    • Recreational and fitness cen­ters
    • Mobile modular Hospitals and Clinics
    • Dining Facilities and Service/Maintenance Ar­eas

    Electrical Operation & Manufacturing

    Our Expertise: design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of a comprehensive range of electrical solutions, including:

    • Motor Control Center (MCC)
    • Main Low Tension Panel (MLTP)
    • Main Switchboard (MSB)
    • Submain Switchboard (SMSB)
    • Distribution Board (DB)
    • Generator Control Panels
    • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
    • Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)
    • Synchronizing Panel
    • Totalizing Panel
    • SCADA & ESCADA Panels
    • Automation Panels
    • Feeder Pillar
    • CRE Technology
    • Instrumentation Panels
    • IP54 Enclosures